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Travel differently Very early on I realized that traveling is for me the best way to acquire knowledge. I still have a pilgrim soul, and I thought to myself that I will use this column to give you at least some of their knowledge in the hope that it will be useful to other pilgrims like me.
1. Avoid museums. This may seem absurd advice, but let's think about this for a moment. When you are in a foreign city, is searching for the present is not more interesting than the search for the past? The thing is that people feel obliged to go to museums, because they were taught in childhood that traveling is to find traces of the past. Of course, that museums are important, but you must know what you want them to see. Otherwise, you leave the museum with the feeling that saw several very important and wonderful items, only that you can not even remember exactly what it was.
2. hang out in bars. In bars, not in a museum, you can see the true face of the city. Speaking of bars, I do not mean nightclubs, but the places where ordinary people come to have a drink, complain about the weather and chat. Buy a newspaper and about human ups and downs. And if someone Zagaia conversation with you, even najbłahszą, talk to him - one glimpse is not enough to assess the value of other people and get to know the path of life.
3. Be open. The best tour guide is someone who lives in the place, knows everything about it, is proud of him, but it does not work for a travel agency. Go out into the street, choose the person you want to talk, and ask her about something, eg .: Where is the cathedral? Where is the post office? If it did not work out, try to talk with someone else - I guarantee you that by the end of the day you will find for yourself the perfect companion.
4. Try to travel alone. It will be difficult, it will have no one beside you, who would take care of you, but the only way you can really leave your country behind. Travelling in a group boils down to the fact that you're in a foreign country, you speak only in their native language, you do what you can, "the leader of the flock," and you more curious rumors about your trip than współtowarzyszach visited places.
5. Do not compare. Nothing compare, neither the price nor the level of hygiene or quality of life, nor means of transport, nothing! You are not traveling in order to prove to yourself that you have a better life than other people. Your goal is to find out how other people live, what they can teach you how to cope both everyday life and with what in their lives extraordinary.
6. Understand that everyone understands you. Even if you do not speak the language of the country where you are, you do not be afraid: I have been in many places where even I could not communicate, and I always found support, guidance, good advice, and even love. Some people think that traveling alone, are lost, perish utterly, as soon as they come out on the streets of an unknown city. And just so you have the hotel card in your pocket, in the worst case you stop a taxi and show the driver the address.
7. Do not buy too much. Spend your money on things you will not have to carry then: a good spectacle, restaurant, tours. In the current era of globalization and the internet you can buy anything without having to pay for excess baggage.
8. Do not try to see the world in a month. Much better to stay in a city for four or five days than to visit five cities in a week. The city is like a capricious woman - to be seduced and to reveal herself completely, it takes time.
9. The journey is an adventure. Henry Miller used to say that much more important to discover a church, which no one else has ever heard, than from a sense of obligation to go to Rome and visit the Sistine Chapel, where hundreds of thousands of other tourists shouting in your ear. Of course, we see the Sistine Chapel, but also the origin of himself on the streets, discover the unknown streets, taste the freedom to seek what little you know. You can be sure that if it's something you will find, it will change your life.

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